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   Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyers

When you get involved in a car accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California, a lawyer can protect your rights and help in your recovery.

If another driver caused your auto accident, the attorney can pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses. While your lawyer goes to work for you, you can focus on getting better and getting on with your life.

To learn more about your rights and options, contact Triphon Injury Law. We will provide a Free Case Analysis and answer your questions. Simply call 800-779-4330 or click our contact us page today.

What Can I Do After a Car Accident in LA?

By coming to our website, you have already taken one of the most important steps after a car accident: Getting information. There are many other key steps you can take at this point:
  • See your doctor - If you were not immediately taken to the hospital, you should go to the emergency room or visit your doctor without delay. Even if you don't think you are hurt, you may be suffering from serious internal injuries.

  • Get a copy of the police report - If the police responded to your crash, then an officer prepared an accident report. This report will contain crucial information about your crash. You can simply call the local or state law enforcement agency and ask for a copy.

  • Don’t discuss incident with other party or their representative – Statements made at the time or following the incident can be used against you. Do NOT make any statements prior to speaking with an attorney. Also, do not sign any forms unless an attorney has reviewed them first.

  • Gather your records - Compile all information you have about your crash. This could include the other driver's contact, license and insurance information. It could also include the names of witnesses and photos you took of the crash scene. You should gather proof of all medical bills, car repair / rental and other expenses.
What Can a Lawyer Do After a Los Angeles Car Accident?

Taking the above steps will help to prepare you for your Free Case Analysis with Triphon Injury Law. When you come to us, we will:
  • Listen to you - We will take the time to hear how your crash occurred, what happened to you and why you want to take legal action. We can address any questions you have. We can also let you know what to expect as your case moves forward.

  • Make sure your transportation and medical needs are met - We can work with insurance companies and healthcare providers to make sure your two most pressing needs are addressed after a wreck: Getting your car repaired or replaced and getting the medical treatment you need.

  • Investigate your case - We can use investigators and experts to determine how your crash occurred and who should be held responsible. For instance, we can look at whether speeding, drunk driving, drowsy driving or distracted driving played a role. We can also investigate whether the at-fault driver's employer should be liable, or whether others should be held liable.

  • Take care of all necessary paperwork - We can file all required documents with the insurance companies and the courts. We will make sure all deadlines are met so that your case proceeds as smoothly as possible.

  • Seek a settlement or go to court - We can establish a solid case on your behalf. This will give us leverage when we pursue a full, fair and timely settlement with the insurance companies. If a settlement isn't reached, we can fight for you in court.

Contact Our Los Angeles Car Accident Law Firm Today

Triphon Injury Law helps car accident victims and their families in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We will seek a maximum recovery for you. If we do not obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf, we won't charge for our legal services.

But don't wait! California places time limits on bringing personal injury or wrongful death claims after an auto accident, so act now without delay. Contact us right away to get started.

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