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   Client Bill Of Rights

We believe that when you hire a lawyer, you should know exactly the type of relationship and experience that lawyer is committed to providing to you. You deserve to be treated with courtesy, respect and consideration.

That is why we have initiated what we call our Client Bill Of Rights, which is set forth below.

You deserve peace of mind. Below you will find our promise to you of the relationship and experience we are committed to providing, as well as the fundamental values we hold important.

Our Client Bill Of Rights

1. Respect
A. You have the have the right to our respect.
B. You are entitled to be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times.

2. Communication
A. You have the right to be able to speak with a knowledgeable person when you call. If he or she is not available, you have the right to have your telephone calls returned.

3. Competence
A. You have the right to expect competence from our law firm and all who work here.

4. Loyalty
A. You are entitled to your lawyer's independent professional judgment and undivided loyalty uncompromised by conflicts of interest.

5. Attention
A. You have the right to attention from your lawyer and staff.
B. This includes having your questions and concerns addressed in a prompt manner and having your telephone calls returned promptly.

6. The Truth
A. You have right to know the truth about your case.
B. You are entitled to sufficient information to allow you to participate meaningfully in the development of your matter.

7. Fair Fee
A. You have the right to be charged only fees that are both reasonable and fair.
B. You have the right to have your lawyer explain at the beginning of your case precisely how your fee will be computed.
C. You further have the right to receive a copy of the written fee agreement at the beginning of your case so that you will have it for your records.

8. Confidential Privacy
A. You have the right to privacy in your dealings with your lawyer and to have your secrets and confidences preserved to the extent permitted by law.
B. All of our private conversations and communications with you will be considered confidential.

9. Ultimate Control
A. You have the right to make the ultimate decision on your case.

10. Team Member
A. Our office works as a team. You have the right to be treated as an important member of the team.
B. You further have the right to have us work as advocates for you, and to have your specific concerns and needs be made a priority.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident in Los Angeles or other areas of Southern California, the team at Triphon Injury Law can help get your life back on track. We are committed to helping accident victims and their families recover the fair compensation that they deserve under California state law.

Contact Us today at 800-779-4330 or fill out our online contact form for a Free Case Analysis. Remember, we will work with you on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that if we don't recover compensation, you will not be charged legal fees.

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No Attorney-Client Relationship Created by Use of this Website or Associated Forms: There is no attorney-client relationship unless the attorney and the client sign a written fee agreement. This website contains general information about the laws impacting injury and wrongful death laws in the State of California. But, legal information is not the same as legal advice (which involves applying laws to particular individuals and organizations and their particular circumstances). Your receipt of information from this website, or your Case Submit or contact with Triphon Injury Law, APC or one of its attorneys or staff, DOES NOT create an attorney-client relationship between you and Triphon Injury Law, APC. This means Triphon Injury Law, APC is not acting as your attorney unless or until a written fee agreement is signed by the client and the attorney. Although we will review your information and evaluate your potential claim, this does not mean that we have or will agree to represent you. As a matter of policy, Triphon Injury Law, APC does not accept a new client without first investigating possible conflicts of interests and obtaining a signed contingent fee agreement. Put simply, we are not your law firm until and unless we: A) Agree to accept your case; and B) You formally engage our services by signing a written fee agreement as required by the attorney ethics rules for the State of California.

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